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Store opened!

Hey guys. I got my storenvy store opened yesturday. Yay!


I'm working on getting the rest of the official merch up. I have to retake the pictures of the cards because they were blurry beyond usefulness.

I also have a fb page up because why wouldn't you like it?


I will make you the scarf of your dreams because i am awesome.

Julie a Day September

Hey guys. I found this blythe a day thing for like may/June/March. (when i was googling i saw it for all of those months so i think that you can attach whatever month you want to it.)


In september i am totally going to do this Julie. I go back to school on the 4th and they are night classes. So hopefully i will not be drowning in work (or be dead from lack of sleep.) That i can actually do this. I won't actually post them all here. I'll post it at her facebook page, (http://www.facebook.com/pages/JulieCake/445470812142370) My photostream (in her set) (http://www.flickr.com/photos/calicookie/), and her blog. (http://juliedoesstuff.tumblr.com/)

I won't crosspost the tumblr ones to fb because that would get annoying really fast as her fb would say the same thing. It will be awesome and amazing and did i mention awesome?

organizing pokemon cards steps

Take all of out binder
sort out which cards have doubles (not repeats same pokemon different art.)
Take cards and sort into four piles
take pile one and take card off top 
Put down somewhere
sort through first pile looking for that card
put any found cards on top of first card and continue on with second/third/fourth pile 
when finished put cards in a different pile

If no other cards are found then put the single card in a different pile next to double pile

Continue on until all cards from pile one are sorted then go onto pile two 
Sort as mentioned above
When done with pile two move on to pile three
Continue onto pile four when done with pile three
Pick up doubles pile and make sure all cards are facing the right way
go through pile and make sure all doubles are with the correct pokemon
choose which card you like best out of each pokemon that has a double. 
Put "unwanted" doubles in a pile
Go through pile where the cards don't have a double
Make sure all cards are facing right way
Make sure no doubles are in the singles pile. (or a card which you know has a double in the single pile.)
Combine pile of singles and pile of "chosen" doubles into one pile
Sort cards into generations
Sort out black and white cards into pile
Sort out diamond/pearl cards into different pile
Sort out ruby/sapphire cards into different pile
Sort out gold/silver cards into different pile
Sort out red/blue/yellow cards into different pile
Sort out cards that have no pokedex number on them into pile
Take uknown pile to leslie and go through bulbapedia write down numbers
put all cards in respective places in respective piles
Take red/bue/yellow pile and split into two piles
Look for bulbasaur and evolutions
put on bottom of pile
go through whole red/blue/yellow pile until you get highest number on top
Put pile down
Go through gold/silver pile repeating steps for red/blue/yellow pile
Put that pile down
Go through ruby/sapphire pile
Put pile down
Go through diamond pearl pile
Put pile down
Go through black and white pile
put pile down
Go through pile of uknown pokedex number pile to see if you missed any
Fix accordingly if you did
Put in binder
Start with red/blue/yellow pile. Put cards in binder put spaces of cards you don't have yet
go through all piles until reach end of binder
Put all extra cards in skymin tin
Go to bulbapedia and write on pieces of paper all cards you are missing (in respective spots)
move around cards if in wrong spots
Sit and stare. stretch.

Yes this all took me four days to do! 230 cards not including doubles/repeats.

Happy birthday Julie!~

Hey guys do you know who's birthday it is? It's Julies first birthday! YAY!~

I made her a cupcake this morning. All of our candles melted together so i had to pry one apart for her.
She didn't actually like the candle being lit on fire too much.
But she was brave and blew out the candle so she could make a wish!

While she enJoys eating things in much larger proportions i decided to give her a mini cupcake. Tonight she is going out with me and my friend to a lovely sushi place. Julie loves sushi so i'll update this later with more pictures.

This means no good

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Mar. 22nd, 2012

Reading bjd confessions makes me wish i belonged somewhere.
Hi guys. I had been wanting to change my name for years. I Just never bothered too cause i'm lazy. Now the next step is to actually pay back gin because dammit i will at some point before i die.

Also unown are the best pokemon next to turtwig. Seriously i love those sexy letters.

It's super weird to look at my name now i was looking at one that started with a q for five years.

This is my new begining on lj! Yay!

I need this in my life right now!


105 dollars with shipping? Yeah i wish i wasn't such a poor college kid. (Except for the fact that i can afford these i don't want to until i have a few more dollars and it's almost my birthday.)



Yesturday i ordered a custom shiny 1:1 turtwig plush. It's shiny because i know there is a regular colored 1:1 plush.

I will name her Sparkles and the normal colored one Mono.

Sparkles because i was thinking about shiny but i didn't want to name her shiny or to be confused with the band SHINee. Sparkles are shiny so there you go.

Mono is named that because i was thinking about normal colored things. How they are boring and normal, then i was thinking about the city of black and white. (which you should totally play the games of color my heart/dreams/fate.) So i went with mono. While they won't be identical (because sparkles is made out of fleece as it's cheaper then minky.) they'll still be in the same scale. It will be so cute you won't even know.

It was relatively cheap for a plush this size. (It was 115 dollars.) Which is cheaper then most dresses or skirts. Definately cheaper then my wonder cookie skirt. (200 dollars.)