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Something devilish had posessed Evageline in the first place to tell Nyota of the girls. It was not even if Nyota had asked her about them. She knew nothing of their existence. It was not such a smart ideea for Evageline to mention them at all. Perhaps it was the way Nyota smiled at her. She was so happy to see her. So happy to be able to touch and feel Evageline again. Evageline could not lie to Nyota as much as she wanted to. She dreaded the response as she told her of them. Nyotas eyes welled up with tears as her smile fell. Some whisper had been made. But it was too quiet for Evageline to be made out. Something louder and angrier questioned her next.
“ How could you?! “
Evageline reached out to hold her hand to offer a smile to offer an expanation. But Evageline had seen this face many times before. Everyone always wanted an explanation. Evageline knew what they wanted to hear. She was an expert. She knew exactly what to say, what to do.

Something about Nyota had blanked her mind. She could not focus on what to do. What to say. Evageline returned to her threatening demeanor. It was an reaction. She did not intend to be so mean but she could not help it. All that effort was gone now. It was useless and there was nothing.
“ You are one of them now. Congratulations. “ Evageline said this sarcastically. Referring to becoming part of the rest of the highschool that she had used.
“ You did not have anything to start. I Just really liked you. “ Evageline added. She walked away with her hands balled up into fists. She was surely to punch the first person to come across her path.

There was nowhere for her to go. No one to calm her down. No one for her to hear her rants and rambles. She was alone. She had always been alone but this was different. It was painful.